The Most Comforting Verses in the Bible

The most comforting verses in the Bible can be found in John Gospel Chapter 14 verses 1 to 4. It tells the full story of the purpose of man, now and in the future. Here is a mind-map of my meditations on the verses:

It tells me straight away that God is concerned about me, especially about my troubles, my pains and suffering.

I am important in the mind and heart of God. We can recall many verses about the love of God for us. May be John 3:16 is easy... God so love the world, me included, the He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever (that's me) believe in Him shall not perish but have God's kind of external life.

Many philosophies and religions of man take a look at the evil and suffering of the world and quickly identify its source as 'desires' for power, money, and lust etc (e.g. 7 deadly sins). So the obvious conclusion is to come out with methods to remove or kill the 'desires'. The philosophy of forgetting oneself, egolessness is the ultimate. When we lost ourselves, we shall lost our desires completely and the world would be freed. The end result is emptiness or void is the best.

But that is not the worldview of Christianity. The universe started in void, emptiness. It is the God of Creation and Love that created all the wonderful lives and things to share and enjoy His glory and love.

Man is created in love and is meant to share the love of God. While love is vulnerable, and man quickly exercised his free will to reject the God that loves him, God did not give man up but has already put into action, the plan to save man back to God through giving of His own Son Jesus Christ for us.

There is no need to remove the existence of 'me'. We are uniquely created in Christ Jesus Eph 2:10 and wonderfully made Ps 109v4. Hence, it is not less of me but more of me that conform to the my unique calling in which Jesus has created me for. We can have an ego and not be egotistic at the same. How? Because we are created with love within. We don't exist independently of others but we are defined in relationships with others. Beginning with a Heavenly Father that loves us and follow by we are all members of the body of Christ. Happiness and contentment comes from relating well with God and fellowmen.

Here is Jesus Christ, who came into the form of man, to tell and assure us firsthand, about the plan and purpose of God for man.

Jesus assured us 3 times and give us the hope. He is preparing our dwelling place, he will come again, to receive us to Himself and that we will always be with Him forever.

Lift up your head and look forward to His coming. Your future is all settled. Enjoy your present on earth with His and Holy Spirit presence in us and look forward to the day where we will be taken up to be with Him in glory forever.

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