Ps 5 Living Righteously in A World of Temptations

Today I read Psalm 5. One good way of seriously studying the Bible is to rewrite every verse in your own words. You can do that easily nowadays by reading the multiple translations that are available. You can also go one step further by digging into the original Hebrew or Greek words with the concordances that are available. You must do that when you discover different translations seem to be giving different meaning. It helps you determine the correct translation. The final purpose of course is to really understand what the verses are saying.

Paraphrasing yourself is a form of meditation (Some people think that meditation is some mysterious thing of keeping quiet and waiting for the Lord to speak. That is only one form. The right form is to read, re-read, think about each word, think about the concept, think about the examples, think about your past experience, imaging into the future, etc and rewriting in your words about the learning you have gained).

Then divide the verses into clusters and give each cluster a short tagline capturing the key idea of the cluster of verses.

Finally, give a title to capture the essence of the passage. It is also helpful to pick a key verse for it.

Here is the result of my study on Ps 5 shown in a mind-map format:

In a world full to temptations it is important that we live righteously. The temptation is even greater at this present time of economic and social instability. It is always so easy to give in to the temptations, bend the rules a little, and trying to gain some added advantage. Others are doing it so why not you. This Psalm warns us against taking such short-cut. It is better for us to put our trust in God and live according to His righteous ways. It may seems silly to others who are boasting about their successes in some devious short-cut ways, but in the end, we shall discover who will stand the test of time.

Recently, there are also many con schemes going around. They come in greater varieties and forms, from e-mails to phone calls, with seemingly authentic website and call-centers, and step by step way of luring people deeper into their trap. This verse is also a great warning for us.

It is better to follow the Lord's righteous and straight path. There will be protection and blessings along the way and at the end.
Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.
Lim Liat copyrighted 11 Aug 2011

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