Partake the Good and Convert the Poison - How to Handle What People Say

Someone email me the following by a famous priest cum author:
Why is it important that you are with God and God alone on the mountain top?
It’s important because it's the place in which you can listen to the voice of the One who calls you the beloved.

Partake the Good and throw away the poison.

Statement like the above could be misleading.
Learn the main teaching and throw away with non-essentials.

The Good: must be alone with God to listen to God.
The Non-Essential: Mountain Top. The Real Meaning: An undisturbed place.

You do not need to go the mountain top to be alone with God. May be a toilet will do. In the Car alone while driving will do. In the midst of busy activities, taking a cup of coffee alone. The key criterion is a No-Disturbance environment for some time.

Good to have longer time. But don't wait for a long long time for a longer time opportunity. Keep your quiet short-appointments with God all through the day. Practice the sense of the presence of God. (God is with you all the while even when we are not aware. The key is be aware of His presence).

Don't wait for the day to take leave to go to the mountain-top and then listen to God. If you go to Bk Timah hill top, you will disturbed by the visitors there.
A Pastor told his congregation that they should take a bottle of water and go to a lonely place to pray for 2 hours a day. After a some time, some one finally ask "Why bring the bottle of water?". Pastor answered "To drink when thirsty". The bottle of water does not have any spiritual attributes that add to the effectiveness of prayer.

Hope you can laugh at this and be aware of the times we confuse the non-essentials as essentials.

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