Complete as No Lack

A very interesting and important question was asked in our Bible Study group meeting.

We have the following verses about complete and all.
  • Col 2:10  And ye are complete in him...
  • 2Pe 1:3  According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness,  
 If we are complete, why do we still sin, at least sometimes?

A brother said, "while we are complete, we are not perfect."

We use illustration of a seed. A water-melon seed is a complete while we have not seen the water-melon yet.  We have to plant the seed, water it, and give it time to grow and eventually we will see the water-melon. If the seed is incomplete, it may not grow at all.

A human fetus is complete as a human. It will grow up to be a human. It has the complete DNA of a human. A new born Christian has the complete life of God - Zoe life. Otherwise, we cannot be children of God. Because we are a complete Zoe Life, we can communicate with God and we can go to heaven where God is when our lives on earth is completed.

Seeing Complete as No Lack
Chinese has a saying that "while the sparrow is small, all five organs are complete". We cannot say sparrow is not complete because it is small. 

The need to grow does not mean one is incomplete. We don't say a child is not human because he/she needs to grow.

Growing up is a process that takes time, resources and learning.

We could perhaps see complete as "no lack". There is no lack of power to become what God want us to be. All we need to do is to draw from Him, follow Him, and given time, we slower become to be like Him. But the ability to become like Him is already present at the start else we will never be like Him. We are in this growth process of shedding our Adam's DNA through our body and mind with new DNA of God in the Spirit. We are to let the Spirit expands to take over our mind and body so that may think and act like Him.

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