Trust & Obey

The secret of happiness and victorious life is plainly stated in the beautiful song "Trust & Obey".
The song also begins with knowing His Word and walking in obedience that we will discover the light - the acceptable and good will of the Lord Rom 12:2.

In this uncertain and shaking times, it is of utmost important that we grow in the knowledge of His will, be sensitive to His Holy Spirit guidance and to just trust and obey.

In the story of the Ten commandments, the very last plague, the Passover, the Lord had given the instructions on sacrifice and putting the blood on the doorposts and the lintel to escape the death of 1st born. (Exo 12). The people then are given the option to follow or not. Those who don't will perish and those who did as instructed will be preserved. We see that in 'Exo 12:38 A mixed multitude also went up with them'.

In this shaking times, please find a rock of eternity Jesus Christ, know Him and then trust and obey Him.

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