Wolf Cutlure vs Lamb Culture

Recently, in Chinese Businesses in PRC, there is this promotion and adoption of the "Wolves Culture" of doing business. The wolves culture promote wolf-like principles like
  1. aggressiveness, ruthless and self-seeking - achieving the ends at all costs ; the ends justify the means; never satisfy - always go for more.
  2. alertness to opportunities and grab them
  3. great team work.
In contrast to the Wolf Culture, there is the Lamb Culture which is biblical based, or at least, good moral based, and has love as the center, stressing integrity, humility, sacrifice, dedication and social responsibility. The lamb culture is very much like what is presented in Dev Seidman's "How" and Gary Hamel's "The Future of Management".

The 1st principle is like a new version of an old Chinese book titled "Thick Black Study" teaching people to be thick-skinned and back-hearted to get thing done their way.

Except for 1st principle of ruthlessness, the other 2 principles of alertness-agility and team-work are quite biblical and are covered in Kingdom Laws & Principles.

Some more information on the Lamb Culture Forum can be found here.

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