Bible for Business Seminar#14 Competitors & Summary

We have an intensive coverage of competition and argued that in many cases, working together brings benefits to members that are competitors! e.g. Co-location create presence and attract customers; speaking as single voice to address needs of the members; getting Government support to train the people for the skills needed. The discussion is summarized in the mind-map below:

The High Performance Organization
So far, we use the Norton&Kaplan Strategy Map Driven Balanced Scorecard(BSC) as the framework for building successful corporation. It was very methods based. Knowing that Organization is about People, we look at Corporate Performance from the People's viewpoint and use Ken Blanchard's work on High Performance Organisation. Please click on the link HPO to find out more.

We show how Ken Blanchard HPO SCORES model can be mapped to Kaplan Norton's Strategy-Map and giving us additional insights to how best to run the company for performance. In a way, it also validates the use of the K&N S-Map framework.
  1. Center - Triple Bottom Lines - Investment of Choice is the Financial View of S-Map.
  2. Compelling Vision: Purpose and Values - Same the top Mission-Vision-Values of S-Map.
  3. Relentless Focus on Customer Results - Customer perspective of S-Map.
  4. Energizing Systems & Structures - This is the "Internal Process" perspective of S-Map.
  5. Shared-Power & High Involvement - This belongs to the Learning-&-Growth (Organization Capital) perspective of S-Map.
  6. Shared Information & Open Communication - Maps to the Learning&Growth perspective of IT & Infrastructure.
  7. On-going Learning - Maps to the Learning&Growth of Human Capital, Knowledge Management, and the whole implementation of BSC - continued monitoring, learning and upgrading of the understanding of how the organization should work for higher performance.
The Unified Corporate Performance Model(CPM)

Combining from the literature on CPM, the following Unified CPM Model was presented.

The expanded model is:

The feedback
About 15 people got together for the Seminar. The overall rating was 90% with the higher scores went to Speaker's knowledge, Expectation Met, and the lower scores to Relevance to Job 86% and location 82%.

Like Best

  • The correct approach to a good leader/organization. E.g. top of hierarchy must set goal and follow all they way down.
  • Lim Liat, excellent sharing tonight! I learnt a lot. I enjoyed very much - driven vs servant leader, set/create a compelling vision+mission+human sigma.
  • Sharing of Experience and Insights by trainer
  • Competition, because it is enlightening to know we should not focus on competitions to keep us on our feet as they can be way off in reading customers' needs. We should focus on customers as they are the ones who give us our bacon.
  • Love your enemies (competitors). Able to see the competitors differently
  • More interactions between speakers and among participants
  • Team & structure
  • High Performance Organization
Like Least
  • nil
  • to give us topic related to Human Sigma.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to make the following comments having been through some of the BfB(Bible for Business) seminar which I find most unique and useful.

1) It is a serious business/management seminar with in depth substance.

2) It is known that the speaker is a Christian and done in a church premise but the seminar is more focused on getting Believers to pursue excellence in the market place.

Being a Christian is no excuse to be sub-standard in what we do.

3) The speaker is sincerely passionate about the subjects and has done much research and has experience.

4) Personally, I have benefited and used some of the message that I was able to absorb in my business (in Indonesia).

5) More interactions and discussions are taking place in yesterday session. I see the speaker is more relax and less threatening when answering questions, allowing the questions to be asked fully before offering an answer.

6) In some sessions, the information is too overwhelming for the audience to absorb. Some of the meeting could have been broken down to 2 or 3 sessions simply because it contains too many nuggets to be enjoyed at the same time. When the audience scramble to try to capture them all, they may end up not absorbing any one subject fully.

Overall, I have found the seminar unique and useful.

I have been to many Christian seminars/meetings. I have met many good teachers, preachers, evangelists but not "researcher" like the speaker in the Christian circuit.

I particularly appreciate the speaker revelation that to be a successful Christian in the market place, we need to be successful in what we do (Luke 16:8b).

And when we are faithful with the little that God have trusted us, we will be trusted with much ...Luke 16:10

Thank you for sharing the Love of God so passionately through this unique seminar.

Best regards,