The Really Good News

The Gospel - Good News, is not just about after life. It is about this life here on earth as well. Jesus came to give us abundant life now and forevermore. Do not forget it starts now in this present life. Eternal Life (original word is ZOE life - God's Kind of Life as compared to Animal Life and Plant Life) starts now. We don't have to wait till we die to enjoy the abundant life.

Abundant life begins now with Jesus in and with us. He forgives and empowers us. He reconciles us back to Him and to our Father in Heaven. He came to set us free; free us from sin, sickness, poverty, and bondages. He empowers us now to live a victorious life. But we need to accept Him into our life first and to change our mind with the Word of God. Our degree of our abundant living depends on our commitment in practice to His teaching. As we yield our life to Him, we get to live this abundant life now! His yoke is easy - for we just yield to His power.

The Good News is also about God, Jesus, breaking into this world to be with us (to those who choose Him). It is about bringing Heaven on Earth through us and touching others. It is not just Jesus and us, but Jesus and us and others.

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