Knowing and Doing - Mind and Heart - Gloom to Glory

We tend to be stuck in this struggle that Paul pointed out in Rom 7:19  For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing. Or may be in the lesser degree of just doing nothing - knowing the good and should and do not.

But God has kindly provided us, way back in the old times, the Proverbs and the Psalms to help us.

Proverbs for Wisdom - for the Mind
If we don't know what to do, lacking wisdom, then we should read Proverb. Just read any one will do. Best of course, is to do an indepth study and organizing of the knowledge of wisdom in Proverbs to something that you can refer easily for wisdom. e.g. A Taxonomy for Proverbs or The Righteous - Wisdom from Proverbs.

Psalms for Strength - for the Heart
However, as we say at the start, we may know what to do but we are just not motivated enough to do it. We may be depressed. We can't the energy or strength to do. We are worry whether we can do it. We are fearful to start. It may be due to external events - lost sales or internal thing feeling - no mood. For such emotional and motivational issue, Psalm provides a good medicine.

Let reads Ps 60 as an example. We go though the 4 steps.
  1. Initial Stage of Doom and Gloom. v1-v3. 
  2. Shift Focus - Banner of Salvation
    Looking Upon God v4-v5. We must shift focus from looking at ourselves and the situation to look at God's banner of salvation.
  3. Hear His Answer - Go
    v6-v9 shows forth God's promise of conquest. Proclaim God's right and answers over the needs. Proclaim the victory that God has given the promised land to us. Hear God's challenge - Who shall go ?
  4. Go with Boldness in the Lord
    v10 is our doubt that we bring up again. Doubt is not a bad thing. It brings out our concern. It just needs to be answered. Go to Setp 2 and 3 and hear God's promises.
    v11 tells us that men cannot be trusted. We can repeat our request for God's help.
    v12 shows us our faith in God grows and we boldly move out. It is not by our strength that we go forth. It is God's strength that is with us as we move forward. It is God who will give us the victory and tread down our foes, obstacles, objections. 
  5. Be encouraged. Be joyful. It is God who is with us. By His strength, we shall conquer.
With God, we shall move forth valiantly.

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