Overcoming Attacks - Learning from David

What do you do when you felt the whole world is coming against you or your world is collapsing? Learn from King David. Stay calm and put your trust in the Lord. The Lord does not answer according to your intensity of your scream or the degree of your panic but according to your faith. In Psalm 3, David taught us the right way to get deliverance from the Lord.

Here is the mind-map for Psalm 3. This map is derived first from studying the verses in details and then coming out with appropriate titles in your own words through reflections on what you have read. This is a good way of really studying the Bible.
Follow the above steps. A key step is point 5 Giving the Command to call forth the destruction of the enemy. The request has already been in point 2 and God has heard and will answer it. Many people fail to command what they ask for to take place. If you are praying for healing, after the request and standing on the promises of God (e.g. Ps 103 ), command the sickness to leave and be at peace. If you lack financially, request of God, and stand on the promises of his blessings (e.g. Mat 6:33, Joshua 1:8, 3John2), command the blessings to come and be at peace and even better, be giving thanks for the answers that have been sent forth.  Remember also that "if we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself." 2 Tim 2:13. God answers you not because you have done well but because He is a good God.

Lim Liat copyrighted 5 Aug 2011

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