KP#19 Strategy - Plan to Succeed

All project begins with a plan - either in the mind or best layout on paper (or soft copy in computer).
There is the old saying that “a failure to plan is a plan to fail. This is emphasized twice by Jesus in the Parables of "Building a tower" and "Waging a War" in Luke 14:28–33.

The Steps are:
  1. sit down - spend the effort
  2. count the cost
    a. for the total project
    b. make sure it is enough to complete and to overcome the obstacles- Luke 14:28, 31
  3. If not, Come out with alternatives to complete the project - Luke 14:32
  4. Commit all your resources in fulfilling your plan (eg Calling by God) - Luke 14:33
    Half-hearted commitment is not able to bring success.
Never start any new thing without counting the costs for completion. The most basic is the total commitment of heart to learn, to think , to source, and to overcome any obstacle in the way. Apply the Kingdom Principles to your business.

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