Be-Do-Have Repeat and Grow

In "Be-Do-Have" of Grace Based Doctrine I wrote about the grace based doctrine of be-do-have and the conventional performance based doctrine of have-do-be.

In this post, I want to bring up the reinforcing effect of doing and have-ing on the be. By doing, we get to understand our identify better. Having strengthens our faith and give us confidence of our 'be-ing" that was there originally. This is growth. Big accomplishment is achieved through the repeated small steps of progress.

If we do and we don't have the success of "have" then we need to check on the method and process of our do. Did we have the right motive, did we hear God correctly, did we have the right methods and very often, did we give time for the effects to be seen. The seeds that germinate inside the earth, growing it roots is not seen until the stem and leave sprout out of the earth. Being persistent and patience is a quality of maturity especially towards people. On the other hand, we must be alert and flexible to adopt a new strategy if situation has changed. Life has such interesting variation that makes for real joy and challenge in living.

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