KP#15 Realities of Life - Same Input but Different Outcomes

Sometimes we tried very hard and yet the outcome did not seem to commensurate with our effort put in. At other times, the outcomes were beyond our expectation - we put in so little and yet the result was wonderful. The parents tried their very best, prayer, teaching, love and care and yet their children were not responding according. The managements tried all ways to encourage their staff and yet there weren't any corresponding actions from staff. In those depressive time, we blame ourselves for not trying harder and we even blame God for not helping us.

The Parable of the Sower

It give us a good explanation and an important teaching. The seeds sowed were all of the same high quality of God's Words. Yet the outcomes, some eaten, some dried up, some choked up, some 30 folds, 60-folds and 10o-folds return. The reasons are:

Internal Self-Responsible Factor

  1. The Soil of the Hearts.
  2. The path-way,
  3. the rocky,
  4. the thorny and good-soils.
External Factors
  1. The birds (devils),
  2. the sun of tribulation and persecution (pressure, push),
  3. the temptations and distractions of the world(the lures and the pull) and
The Success Factor
  1. the hearing & understanding and put-into-practice of the Word.
The Greek for "Understanding" is G4862 to put together, that is, (mentally) to comprehend; by implication to act piously. Hebrew's knowing and learning, unlike the Greeks, is more than just 'playing in the mind' but to know intimately with experience by practicing it. The outcome depends on how much we learn from the Word and putting the learning into practice. In John 15:1-5, we find the need to prune for more fruits which is the secret from getting the 30 fold into the 100 fold.

Application to Business - Types of Staff

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