Pre-Evangelism or Conversational Evangelism

In this year Petra Church Camp (27-30 May 2008), we have an excellent speaker, Rev Dr Dave Geisler, who spoke on "Pre-Evangelism", or better known as "Conversational Evangelism".

The church in the past, especially in the 70-80's, the era of the Four Spiritual Laws, has been teaching the people to preach the gospel by talking and presenting the Gospel. It works for some and creates rejection for others.

Pre-Evangelism put the emphasis on listening 1st, and asking relevant questions that invites the pre-believers to think for himself, and to enables a bridge where the gospel can be presented.

The methodology has been worked out by Dr Dave Geisler and it can be found at meeknessandtruth.org. You will find it useful in your witness for Christ.

For a simplified and I think improved version, see Pre-Evangelism BT Version .

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