Bible for Business Seminar#12 Processes

About 10 of us get together for the seminar#12 on Processes and Operation Excellence.

The Aims or Strategic Themes for Processes are usually
  1. Efficiency - change cost structures, digitize processes
  2. Differentiation - becoming a customer centric enterprise
  3. Resilience & Agility - Ensure stability and flexibility
Vision and Strategies without Processes to deliver them will remains as unfulfilled dreams. Mat 7:24-27 tells us to do it to have a strong foundation.

People who are doing Strategic Map driven Balanced Scorecard tend to be very concern about the possible effort and need to revamp processes. Processes are the how's to achieve the Strategic Objective Targets. If the present processes are able to achieve the targets, then there is no need to change the existing processes. If the existing processes are not delivering the targeted results, then resources (money and man effort) must be spent, known as Strategic Initiatives, to improve or re-design the processes.

The typical Inductive Bible Study Method of Observation, Interpretation & Application will not benefit us if we do not apply what we learned into practice. The Bible teaches us the following Operation Principles.

Operation Excellence Principles
  1. Just Do it:
    • Mat 6:34, Mark 4:26-29
  2. Go & See:
    • Mark 1:39
  3. Right Usage:
    • Mark 2:21
    • Fishbone Chart (5ME/6M, 8P's, 4 S's), Root Cause Analysis.
  4. Alignment: Align Processes to deliver the offering to the Customer Segments served.
  5. Butterfly Effect - Attention to Details.
    • Mark 4:30-32, Luke 16:10.
    • The 6-Sigma Methodology: control variation, optimize, breakthrough.
    • Improvement with DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.
    • Design with DMADV - Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify.
  6. Sharing of Best Practices
    • Mark 5:19
    • Knowledge Management
  7. Internalize The Practices (Not for Show Only)
    • Mat 6:18 Fasting
    • Mat 5:4 Giving
    • Mat 6:6 Praying
  8. Working like Owners - Law of Promotion
    • Luke 16:11
  9. No Waste, Be Lean
    • Mat 14:20
    • Lean Methodology - Eliminate Waste All the Time
      • 5 Principles - Value (no waste), Value-Stream, Flow, Pull, Perfection
      • Waste are: waiting, over-production, rework, motion, processing waste, inventory, transportation and waste of Talent.
      • Flow - Have the "Decision Rights" with the right "Information Flow" are more important than "Motivators" & "Organisation Structure" for successful execution.
  10. Innovation
    • Operation Innovation guides are
      • set stretched goals - Mat 5:20
      • look for role models in other industry
      • identify and eliminate constraining assumptions - John 8:32
      • rethink the work - purpose, environment, information needs, tools, etc. See Lean Methodology above.
  11. System & People - Sabbath for the People
    • Mark 2:27
    • Don’t Attribute System Variation to People and wrongly punish or reward the people
    • See E W Deming's Profound Knowledge, Read Beans Experiment.

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