The Victorious Life Through Jesus

My church, Petra Church, has a mission and vision statements that can be roughly summed up as "building victorious people to touch the world with the Life of Jesus Christ". The best book in the Bible that speak of victory is Ephesians.

Theme of Ephesians
It is about “Victorious Life”
· How to Be Overcomer &
· Growing up Together in Unity to Maturity of His ONE Body (Church-Congregation)
The Secret is the truth is in Jesus (Eph 4:21) & we are to be renewed in the spirit of our minds (Eph 4:23)

Concise Content of Letter
  1. Purpose of Creation & Blessings for Us
  2. Salvation & Inheritances
  3. Inner Man Built-up
  4. Live Out the New Man & Off with the Old.
  5. Various Role Models in Life – The Best Practice
  6. Overcomers
What is a Victorious Person?
  • Overcomer - Problem Solver (AR Bernard)
  • Blessings Giver.
  • Freedom from bondage to sin, addictions, anger etc.
  • Freedom to bless others
  • Mature - Christ likeness
  • Wholeness in Spirit, Soul & Body
The Paths to Victorious Life

  1. Know the truth of Jesus & His love for us
  2. Respond in Faith in Jesus
  3. Discover His wonderful calling (vision) us.
  4. Draw on His Ability given to us
  5. Achieve and realize our vision with Productivity proving His love for us
It starts with build-up of the inner man of the spirit, renewal of mind and then sanctification of body.
Becoming the Overcomer
Our calling is the vision God has for us. Vision creates expectation. Expectation shows us the gap and motivates us to use our God given ability to make a plan. Executing the plan removes the gap.

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