A Victorious Believers' Story - 1&2 Thes

Paul loved all the believers. However, some he praised and some he corrected. It is like Jesus' letters to the seven churches in Revelation. Do you know which group of Christians that Paul praised?

Paul wrote long letters to rebuke and correct the Corinthians on their divisions, sins, disorderliness even though they were blessed with wonderful spiritual gifts of all kinds. Paul rebuked the Galatians not to go back to circumcision and the Jewish laws. Faith in Christ alone is all that is necessary for salvation and eternal life. It is not Christ + Jewish Laws or Christ + works. In Col 4:11, Colossians were Paul's comfort. Philippians were Paul's joy and crown (Phil 4:1). The Thessalonians were Paul's joy, crown and glory (1 Thes 2:19-20).

There were good reasons for Paul's pride for the Thessalonians - they had became an example to all the believers in Macedonia and in Achaia (1 Th 1:7) for their work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in Lord Jesus Christ (1 Th 1:3).

All that did not happened by chance. It was Paul & his team good mentoring and the Thessalonians' obedience and faith. The whole process can be shown in the diagrams below:
The keys for the successful stories are good mentors and good learners. Coaching can be summarized in the chart below:

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