The Power & Benefits of Confession of Sins - Psalm 32

Since Jesus Christ has redeemed us from our past, present and future sins, why then bother with confessions and repentance of our sins? A study of Psalm 32 will tell us why - Confession brings forgiveness and a teachable spirit for us to live blessedly.
Today is Palm Sunday - Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. The scene quickly changed, before the end of the week, into the rejection and death on the cross by Jesus to pay for our sins. When Jesus died for us, we are yet to be borne. He death paid for the future sins of many generations to come. The OT saints, look forward to that day when Jesus death sealed their salvation too. So all will agree that Jesus paid for our past, present and future sins. Some may then argue, if our present and future sins are forgiven, then why to bother to confess and repent of our sins? Let's just live freely and happily. However, the grace of God is not a license for us to sin freely. It is rather to save us from our bondage in sin and to empower us to live rightly and victoriously. The reality is shown in Psalm 32. 

A Mind-map of Psalm 32:

The devil's method is to tempt you to sin and then accuse you of your sins. He wants to keep you suffering in bondage. The only solution out is to face your sins, approach the Throne of Grace and Mercy of God (Heb 4:16) to confess and to ask for forgiveness. It is the way to break through to a life of victory and blessedness. Listen now to the guidance of God and follow therein. If there by any violation, quickly come back for restoration. Keep the relationships alive and well.

Lim Liat (c) 25 March 2018

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