Man plans and God gives the Outcome - Proverb 16

Man may plan but the steps and the outcomes are decided by God according to His purpose. So we must follow God's ways to do and live well in life. What are His ways? Lets start with what He dislike, follow by what He like, knowing His wisdom and finally, stay hungry for God that we may be faithful in following His Ways to accomplish His plan for us bring glory to God through us. This is the learning from Proverbs 16.

Who is in charge down hear on earth? Is it man or God? Proverb 16 clearly tells us who is in charge down here.  Verse 1 says that while man make his plan but the answer comes from God. Verse 9 is even more specific, God directs his steps, no matter how man plans and work to side-step God's. If  man is at a lost and seek super-natural means through asking mediums, fortune telling, lots casting or whatever, it is God that decide the outcome of the consultation! Men cannot ignore God though he may not even belief in God.

As we get more educated and successful, there is the growing tendency that we are self-made and need not God. We think we can decide for ourselves and even for others, what is right and wrong. Such pride in self is an abomination to God and God will surely bring forth his fall and destruction.

If we are persuaded that creatures like us should follow our Creator, then we find out more about God, His dislikes and likes and His wisdom. This is how we can live this life meaningfully and well, with honor, long life, safety and wealth. Below is the overview mindmap:

The details of each topic above can be found in this mind-map.
Please go through it carefully, as there are many powerful principles therein.

If you have read through the mind-map, then here are some questions for refreshing your learning.

  1. What are the few key points that you have learned?
    Even only one will do. You can come back to this again to pick out another learning point.
  2. How can you apply that point to your life? Are there some changes that need to be made to your present plan? Some relationships to build or avoid? The way we talk and handle our bosses, colleagues, subordinates, spouse, and children? 
May God bless your plan after your time with Him. Bless is not about outrighr endorsement of your plan but rather pointing out the right and wrong and give you wisdom to read the ever changing situations as you execute your plan.

Lim Liat (c) 16 Apr 2015


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