The Branding of Believers - The Ten Commandments

Should Believers still follow the Ten Commandments? The answer is No and Yes. No for salvation because Christ has fulfilled it and redeemed us. Yes because it is the branding for believers. The commandments were given after the Israelites were freed from slavery and are for the purpose of differentiating them from the others. i.e. Ten Commandments were for their branding, to show others what their God was like. Jesus in John 13:35 told us that His disciples would be known by their love. Jesus summarised the commandments as 'love God and love others as oneself'. Hence, the commandments are the minimum behavioural standards to let the world that are Jesus' followers.
The Greatest Misunderstanding about Ten Commandments.
It is generally known and taught that the Ten Commandments are the standards for people to achieve to gain righteousness and thereby qualify them to go to heaven. This is justification by the flesh.
Because of this misunderstanding, born-again believers of Jesus Christ, therefore, think they no longer have to follow the 10 commandments because they are already saved by Jesus.
To understand the original and true purpose of the ten commandments, we have to go back to history. When were the ten commandments given? Was it before or after the exodus? It was given after they were freed from slavery, crossed the red-sea, reached Mt Sinai and given to Moses.
The ten-commandment was not given earlier as a test for them to pass and be qualified to be free. They have been passed earlier by the grace of God who performed the miracles then caused Pharaoh to let the people go.
They were freed first and then given the commandments.
So we know the purpose of the ten commandments is not for passing any God's exam. Then what is the purpose? It is a description of the attributes of God and how men can communicate and build a relationship with God.
The commandments were described by James as the Laws of Liberty and not the Laws of Bondage that so many people seem to think. In modern terms, the commandments are the secret keys for success and independence in life.
Because the commandments show us the attributes or qualities of God, the believers, as the children God, should also exhibit such qualities. The commandments are not for our salvation but rather as our testimonies to others, telling others what our God is like. How do others know about our God, through our behavior, that follows the spirit of the ten commandments.

Positive Way of Rewording the Ten Commandments
  1. Focus on worshipping one God.
  2. Reject counterfeit gods like our self-righteousness, wealth, glory, pleasure/sex, etc. The focus is both yes and no. Saying yes to God and no to all other counterfeits.
  3. Integrity to God's brand. Do not abuse or misuse of God's name. Uphold the brand of God's name and bring no shame to His name.
  4. Rest and renewal of our spiritual life in God. Dedicate times, especially a day, with God and His people.
  5. Honor our elders especially our parents and love our younger ones.
  6. Love replaces bitterness, hatred, and murders.
  7. Be faithful to our spouse.
  8. Be a good steward of wealth to replace stealing.
  9. Be honest in our speech to replace lies and gossips.
  10. Be generous in our giving and protective of our and others assets
Ten Commandments for Building Lasting Businesses and the ways believers should run their businesses
  1. Be focus on your business mission, visions, values. Be sure to adopt biblical values.
  2. Reject all other activities that contribute not to the visions and values.  This is the pruning of John 15, to be more fruitful.
  3. Build your brands. Make sure you work and deliver according to your Mission, Visions, and Values.
  4. Rest and revitalized with innovations to transform and keep up with the external changes.
  5. Honor your shareowners and bosses.
  6. Love your staff and customers.
  7. Be faithful in all your business relationships and your staff.
  8. Be effective and lean in managing your resources and assets.
  9. Be honest in all your communications and public relations.
  10. Achieve and protect the three bottom lines of economic profits, social contributions, and environmental protection.
The Need for Rebirth - Following Commandments does not qualify you only Believe in Jesus
side note: a parrot can speak like a man but speaking like a man does not make a parrot man. So, following the ten-commandments does not make one child of God. A child of God needs to be reborn by the Spirit of God. But a true child of God will exhibit the behavior of his Father, which is shown to others that follow and even exceed the demands of the commandments.

Lim Liat (c) 5 Feb 2015

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Doug Webber said...

Jesus said, "If you love me, keep my commandments" (John 14:15). And Jesus is the one who gave those 10 commandments. Also, "And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. (1 John 2:3). Also note Jesus reaffirms the 10 commandments when he says the greatest commandments are to love God an to love one's neighbour. The entire Word is based on this. The first four commandments relate to love of God, the last six to love of the neighbour.

What changed, is that upon the coming of Jesus Christ, is that the external rituals were abrogated, and were no longer necessary as they were symbolic, and now spirituality was more internal. Thus a Sabbath of not doing any work was changed to a day of instruction and worship.