Salvation is by Faith not Performance - Romans 10 Call Upon Jesus

Paul highlighted that his fellow Jews missed the mark by wanting to justify themselves through the performance of good work by Moses' Laws. The Laws were meant to lead them the need for a Savior through knowing that they were unable to fulfill the requirement of the Laws. Paul repeated three times in verses 9 to 11 that 'whosoever calls upon Jesus shall be saved".  There is the need to preach the Gospel and the encouragement put down our pride to receive Jesus when we hear it.
Chapters 9 to 11 of Romans relate to the salvation of the Jews or more precisely the lack of because they, being given the Laws through Moses, want to attain it by observing the them. Such a desire to perform and to achieve justification, though impossible in actual practice, is just the work of pride and self-confidence. Refusal to admit one's lack and rejection of help are just pride. Self-determination of right and wrong is precisely the sin of Adam.  See Knowledge Tree of Good and Evil,

Another key teaching of this chapter 10 is "whoever calls upon Jesus shall be saved". It was emphasized many times in 10:8-11.

Since salvation is so important and yet so simple, Paul encouraged all to preach it.

To the hearer of the gospel, Paul pleaded with them that they should response immediately. This is an echo of

"Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion." Heb 3:15, 4:7.    
Here is the mind-map that summarizes the chapter:
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