Living the New Christian Life - A Mind-Map for Romans 12

How to live the New Christian Life? Romans 12-16 tell and show us how. The overview is first given in Romans 12. It begins with our commitment to worship God with our present life as a living sacrifice,  followed by a transformed mind, and acknowledgement of our roles in the community of Christ's body, discovering and using our gifts to serve the community, and a set 'best practices' for living harmoniously with others. These are all captured in a mind-map for ease of understanding and remembrance.
Living the New Christian Life - Starting from Self and extending to the Community of Christ:

The Five-Steps:
  1. Commit to Worship God with our Life as a Living (not dead) Sacrifice.
  2. Transformed Mindset to Know God's Will and His Standards (not the world's standards).
  3. Knowing the we are all members of the Same Body of Christ. So we need to find out your role and God's calling of our lives. Our calling is related to our gifts.
  4. Discover and Use our God's given gifts/talents to serve the community. Serve with passion and consistency.
  5. Living well with others in the community - Overcome Evil with Good. 
    1. The Objective is Harmony and Peace with all.
    2. By Love, Goodness, Respect, Generosity, Hospitality, Sharing & Being with them in joy or in sorrow.
    3. The Principle of Overcoming Evil with Good. Converting any enemy to a friend with goodness and love towards them.
Lim Liat(c) 26-6-13

Updated mindmap 18-7-19

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