God will render to a man according to his work. 

In Christmas season, we stress on the love of God. The giving of Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son to save the world. By why? Can't God just save everyone? Yes, God can't just save everyone by a command because God is a God of justice too. For all the evils done to us and to the innocence, we demand justice that the evil ones may be punished. We cry, why does God allow all these killings if there is a God? Yes, there is a God and God will render everyone according his work Ps 62:12. Someone has to pay for all the evils. The only one who is able and worthy is only God Himself. And that is the reason for Christmas. 
I am surprised that the meditation for this Christmas Eve is from Psalm 62. It is not about having a loving and peaceful time but rather about a time of difficulty, a time of persecution, a time of sabotage and betrayal, and a call to trust God shown by keeping silent! Keeping silent in the mean time also means we wait patiently in calmness with not bitterness and anger nor revenge!

The attacks have been long and fierce. They planned and even succeeded in bringing me down from high position. They praise with their mouths but their hearts planned evils. They are ruthless and continue to attack even one is already a slanting tower or falling walls. Evils know no limits and they will attack even if you are down. Against such evils, God want us to keep our calm and to trust Him to render justice?!

We are go back to the basic - God is both powerful and loving. He is not only willing but is more than able to save me. Therefore, God is my rock, fortress, tower, refuge and my salvation. I shall not be moved. Shall not be provoked to act out of God's will nor shall I take revenge myself. Instead, God wants me to pour out my heart to Him. Let Him comfort and assure me. He is powerful and loving and yet He is a God of justice as well. So, let me be calm and be at peace with myself and be not anger with my enemy. Because God will render everyone according to his work. God will judge the evils.

Let those evil ones repent and come back find salvation in the gift of God's Son that took away the sins of the world.

This is right time and season to escape from the wrath of God by receiving the Gift of Eternal Life Himself - Jesus Chris and have a really peaceful, silence of the heart, and a blessed Christmas Eve.

Here is the mind map for Ps 62:

Lim Liat (C) 24 Dec 2012

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