Principles for Successful Living From Proverbs 18

‎8 simple principles for success in life from Proverbs 18. A reflection for our life even for those that are of age. There is always time to change for the better.
On quick reading, each chapter of Proverbs seem to be just a loose collection of words of wisdom and it is difficult to link up the verses for a main theme. It will take a bit longer time and more intensive study to find the linkage. Here is a attempt for Prov 18. Below is the mind-map showing the main theme and sub themes.

The 8 Principles for Good Life

1. No Man is an Island.
   Don't be a lone ranger. He who isolates himself is selfish and self-seeking. It is not sound. It important to have 2 types of relationships - with God (Principle 3) and with People (Principle 8).

2. Be Wise & Not a Fool
  •   Fool just talk without wanting to learn. They lack understanding. Wisdom begins with learning and refreshes oneself and others without end.
  •   Wisdom is about being fair and objective. Not to be unjust.
  •   Seek Knowledge
  •   Seek multiple views
3. Be with God - Source of Power and Righteousness
  •   Wickedness -> contempt & dishonor ->disgrace.
  •   The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.
4. Talk Well - Watch our words as they are powerful, affecting life and death.
  •   Don't talk foolishly that leads to a fight and invites a beating. (See Principle 8 on how to build relationships and prevent quarrels)
  •   Story telling impresses - Don't gossip. But use stories to reach out the mind and touches the heart of people. 
  •   Teaching satisfies the soul and benefits others. Be willing to be coach and helps others.
  •   The Power of Life and Death is in the tongue and we need to use it to have good fruits.
5. Work Diligently
  •   laziness/slackness brings forth destruction
6. Wealth is power
  • Wealth has power and take the initiative. The poor have to beg for a living. Hence ....
  • Create wealth by starting and running profitable business. 
  • Use wealth to impact and benefit the world and not to hoard it or be enslaved by it.
7. Attitudes determines the Altitudes
  •   humility -> honor 
  •   hope lift life and give you confidence to start, continue and to accomplish.
8. Relationship are Important - Build Good Relationships
  • Don't be a lone ranger (see Principle 1)
  • Relationship begins with being good to people. Make Friends by Giving good things e.g. Gifts. 
  • Don't Offend & Quarrel with others. Offense and unresolved quarrels are big barriers to friendship. They are difficult to unwind when committed.
  • Find the Right Friend.
    It is not the quantity but the quality that count in friendship. Be careful in choosing your close friends.Those that care about your well-being and is able to correct your mistakes and also to support you in your time of troubles.
  • Find the Right Spouse
    Ask God for a favor to help you find the right one. Open your eyes wide and be choosy. But after the marriage, make sure you are the right one with favor of God.

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