The Righteous - Wisdom from Proverbs

In the post A Taxonomy for Proverbs I try to regroup and classify proverbs verses according to the main topics instead of by chapters. I have done that for 'Fool' and this time I look at "Righteousness" or more precisely, the 'Righteous' people. What do righteous people think, behave and more importantly what happen to them in the end? The answers are all provided in the Proverbs. Proverbs chapters 11 to 13 cover a major portion on righteousness. But there are more in other chapters. Lets find out.

Here is an outline in mind map format:

1. Basic - Being & Doing
Let me begin with a fundamental concept of "Being vs Doing". Being is of the nature and doing is the action. They are not the same. Man is a human being. Bird is a bird-being. Man can sing like a bird. Some birds can speak like a man. But singing like a bird does not make man a bird neither does a speaking bird make the bird a man.  Man is born with a nature of sin and is separated from God. Man having a sin nature does not means man is incapable for good. On the contrary, man is created in the image of God, and hence have much greater capacity to be good than evil. We have a conscience that condemns us when we sin. Nevertheless, the sin nature gives us a propensity to sin whenever there is opportunity especially when no one is watching or the probability for being caught is little. God has provided a way for us to be transformed and rebirth into the new life of God. Here is mind map that summarized this paragraph:
2. God is In-Charge and Keeping Justice
As believers, we must strongly believe that "God is In-Charge and Keeping Justice". We are told not to take revenge into our own hands. We are commanded to love our enemy(Rom 12:19)! How could this be possible unless we believe God is in-charge and will vindicate and uphold justices for us. "It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time ..." (Deuteronomy 32:35).  Prov 29:16 even assures us that we shall see the downfall of the wicked. Here is the summary:

3 The Behavior of the Righteous
The Righteous begins with a 'Fear of God'. The righteous believes in a God of creation, a God of love and order, and a God that watches over us (see last paragraph). The standards of Right and Wrong should be defined by God who created us and not by us the created. The righteous shall seek wisdom and obey God. Here are more things that the righteous do and the corresponding verses:

4. The Outcome of the Righteous
Upset by the apparent successes of the people who practices the short-cut seemingly worldly smartness? Wondering what happen to the God of Justice? Habakkuk was such a prophet. You can read his book. Proverbs here have a longer list of rewards and blessings. Righteousness is supposed to provide a smooth sailing in life. But in the world with the presence of evil, there is a battle of good vs evil. The righteous will at times be persecuted by the evil. But the Lord promises that the righteous will be delivered and protected and live to watch the destruction of the evils. The Righteous are promised a legacies that benefits their future generations. Below is the long list of blessings:

Hope you are encouraged and continue in your work of righteousness. Trust in the Lord and He promise that He is coming quickly with His rewards. May God bless you and deliver you. Amen.

Lim Liat copyrighted April 2011

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