To Transform a City According to Tim Keller

I am very touched by Tim Keller's message 

that I will post the link.

We are commissioned to transform cities and take nations. 

After reading it, we should hopefully be embarrassed by our narrow mindset - only my church where we should be Christ and His Church first and every thing else second. We are first a Christian and then a my church. Such 'MY CHURCH first and only" thinking is actually an abomination to Jesus Christ who is the head of the this (divided, infighting?) church.

I think all church leaders and members, especially those in my own country of Singapore, should read and apply.

It could serve a must read when we do our church planning retreat and be preached from the pulpit often that our narrow and petty mindset of my-church-only be broken free and that we may all work together, across denominations, para-church and other special groups to really transform our nations.

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