Know Your Father's Love - The Key for the Journey

Knowing our identity is a good start in our life journey. Our identity is defined in relationship to God and to others. We are children of God and hence we have God as our Father and others as our brothers and sisters in this big family of God.

It is vitally important that we know and have intimate relationship with our Father through Jesus and Holy Spirit. We need to discover and experience of the love of our Heavenly Father for us.  This is stressed by Paul in Eph 3:16-21. The concept map below gives the details for the importance of knowing the love of God.

In order for us to have the 'Fullness of God', our hearts must experience and know the love of God, its breath, length, height and deep inside depth.

Such knowledge comes first with meditating on God's words. Do a Google search on the "Love of the Heavenly Father" and read some of the articles there. Here is a good one "Father's Love Letter". Please go through the letter meditatively.

Know that our Heavenly Father love us unconditionally - true love. He loves us first. In fact, we are born out of His love. We are not evolved or created by accident. We are wonderfully made. Even science today continue to marvel at the life and working of our human body and mind. God loves us not because of or after we are good. You cannot do any thing to discount the love of God for you. You could not reject Him but He will never reject you. Even though we are unfaithful, he remains faithful always. Live this life, walk this journey, knowing that you are deeply love unconditionally by your Heavenly Father that created you out of His love for you.

Be blessed and rejoice now and forevermore.

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