Five Habits for Effective Christian Living

We grow through the years. We learn more and more as we journey through life. Nevertheless, some of the old things, better termed 'the foundational things', do not change but rather gets more solid as they stand the test of time.

I started blogging to share in May 2006, but I am believer since 1969. A key message that I preached in a series of messages in Apr 2006 is still as relevant today. It was titled "Five Habits for Effective Christian Living". I used to preach in Mandarin in those day and here is a key summary slide of the message with English and Chinese words.

The Foundational Principle - "Abide in Christ"
The basic principle for the 5 habits is to abide in Christ. By developing the five habits, we get to know more and more about Jesus and grow up to be like Him. (See Eph 3:16-22, Rom 8:29-30). We are transformed from the inside out. We think, feel and act like Christ.

The Five Habits Are:
  1. Know the Truth
  2. Believe the Truth
  3. Talk or Confess the Truth
  4. Walk/Do the Truth
  5. Share the Truth (Group Victory)
  6. Resulting in the Growth in the Truth
Here is a slide that show how the Word of Truth is internalized from the book of the Bible into our mind and deep into our hearts. It also shows how we use the 5 senses of our body to build up the inner man of the heart. Our body are not to be despised or cut off but rather be our instruments for righteousness, holiness and glorification of God. Our body is the temple of God testifying for God and impacting the world.

Don't see thing from one point of view. Don't live life by following the fashion and hype of the day. See thing systematically. See the forests and navigate a path through the trees and live victoriously. Develop the balanced life with the 5 habits.

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