From Be-Do-Have to Be-Do-Have-Share

I covered "Be-Do-Have" in the past two posts below;
I find the above is too self-centered and would propose to add a share to become
After we have, we should share it out with others.

We can share:
  1. what we have - the wealth and resources gained. That is too easy. It is just giving 'fish'.
  2. what we have learned so that others can learn on their own to have. This is a bit more involved. It is teaching them 'how to fish'.
  3. motivating others to fulfill the calling of their life. To know his identity, his being through your own experience and sharing of your have's.  I must quickly add that a person calling is not just about full-time ministry as a missionary or pastor. But be what God makes you to be - be in any profession or works and excel in it. It is about expanding your influence in your unique sphere of work, family and social life for God.

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