Freedom and Responsibility

In last week Bible Study Group meeting, we discussed Galatians 5 Freedom & Fruit. Some of the key learning are:
  1. By faith, we received Jesus Christ who freed us from the bondage of sin to enable us to love and glorify God.
  2. Freedom comes with responsibility - we have to be responsible for the outcomes of the choices we made.
  3. "Faith working through love" - Faith in Jesus and working out the Christ in us through love.
  4. Be Spirit centered and focus on the fruit of the Spirit of love, joy, peace etc rather than focus on not sinning. Focus on self and trying not to sin will lead to defeat. Focus on the Spirit and the fruit instead.
We tend to fight for Freedom and at the same time we don't want to be held accountable for the outcomes. Freedom without accountability only leads to negligence and destruction. We are so quick to blame others, the society and the government, for the errors we made or for not stopping or helping us to fix our errors! We consider all forms of rules as restriction to our freedom but in truth, the rules are there to help us take better care of ourselves.

True freedom is not without responsibilities and rules. 

True freedom has two aspects:

  1. Ability to act for Good: is the ability and rights to do the right things. 
  2. Freedom from Bondage: not be in bondage by bad things such as drugs or lusts. 

We are freed to do good and be truly alive in health and strength. We don't waste time in thinking about how not to sin but go after the fruit of the Spirit, things that are beautiful and build others up.

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