How to Pass through Dangers?

From my study of I Ching, I have been discovering new perspectives on the key Christian values. I have discussed some of them, like Humility is Forceful Too and Waiting in the mean-time.

Here is another discovery of overcoming danger and temptations. In I-Ching Part 33 29 坎 The Pit /Danger – Be Watchful & Righteous This hexagram represents danger and the pit. The way to prevent us from falling into the pits and to get out of the pits if we ever fall into one, is to stay to the path of righteousness - of honesty and integrity. It is often our own greed that causes us to fall into the pits and dangers. The way to long term successful living, wealth and health is still the golden rule for business Mat 6:33 Seek first the Kingdom and its rules and all the rest, the resources, will follow you. Be the magnet that attracts and not the chaser that chases after the wind Proverb 23:5.

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