What is REST? Part 2

After a relative comprehensive search (preventing unbalanced, biased & man's opinions) and meditation of the Bible on Rest, we may want to narrow down a certain subtopic and do a greater depth of study.
Firing up eSword again, using TSK (Treasury of Scripture Knowledge) which gives the related verses to the verse you choose, you can find other related verses to the key verse that you want to study further.

Two subtopics interested me ...

1. How to Rest.
2. How to Rest in the midst of Busy Schedule.

How to Rest:
Step 1. Come to Jesus
He welcomes you anytime. He will not reject you no matter how bad you feel about yourself or how you have disappointed him. He promises to lift you up and set you free. (see the mind map for relevant verses)

Step 2. Listen to Jesus
Study the words.

Step 3 Follow & Receive Peace
Do accordingly and Enjoy the Peace in the midst of Storm. Luk 5:48 House built on Rock,
Putting in practice is actually rest - you feel satisfied that you have followed God.
It is the good feeling that you get when helping others,
I am Busy and Have No Time to Rest?:
Time management is about Priority Management. Get your priority right and discard those activities that are not on priorities.

You will give time to things that you feel are unimportant.

If you can't rest, most likely, it is because you don't feel it is more useful or more important that the other things that you should do. Need to study into the benefits of Rest. Resting in Jesus brings refreshed and revitalized life, creativty, wisdom, etc answers to the problems and stresses that you are feeling., The more stress you have, the more Rest you need in Jesus.

Understand that there are seasons in your life. You many need to adjust your time spent on different activities. Nevertheless, practise Rest in midst of your activities.

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