KP#28 Excellence is Zero Defect

In the Parable of Lost Coin and The Lost Sheep, great emphasis was spent on searching and finding the lost. Why is it so? We can look at this from 2 points of view.

Firstly, from the macro view of the whole picture. A beautiful zig-saw puzzle will look awful if it has missing piece. A artifact with a missing piece is no longer a master-piece. A master-piece must have every details just right. The success of the whole body is dependent of the success of every member. The missing piece holds the last key to complete the picture. Hence, great effort should be spent in finding it.

Secondly, from the micro view of the missing sheep. The lost one has missed his calling and trying to find the way. He has lost his purpose and meaning and is likely suffering, like the Prodigal Son. Imaging ourselves being lost in the jungle or the desert without contact with others. How we long to get back to civilization to be back with friend and family. It is love that drives the effort of the search and rescue team who often put their own lives at risks to save the lost.

Lastly, if you are unhappy with "will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance" (Luke 15:7), then you may be living a performance based life like the Elder Brother in the Prodigal Son story. Why there is greater joy? The other 99 righteous persons give forth their joy too.

Here is mind map showing the details:

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