Grace Based Doctrines

It is good to reflect what we have learned after some years. My growth in Christ go through several stages. Firstly, I got to know Jesus as my personal savior and then I try to please Him by trying to be a good Christian and follows the Bible as much as I can. Then I discovered the spiritual gift of tongues and experienced the miracles working God of the Bible. After which I discovered that it was God within me, Christ in Me, that empowered me to be the Christian that Jesus wanted me to be. It used to be 'have-do-be'. Now it is 'Be-Do-Have' (see Be-Do-Have Repeat and Grow). I started this blog showing the great love and empowerment of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not just saved us but gave us His zoe life that we are empowered to live out  His glory. It helped me through my desert time of betrayals , disappointments and attacks. It enables us to come through all the more confidence of His love and empowerment for us. This is know commonly known as the grace-based doctrine.

What are then the essential believes of the Grace Based Doctrines?
Below is the mind-map showing the key beliefs.
I wish to quote John Piper's "God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him."
Know for yourself that God is delighted in you - just as you are. But He loves you too much to leave you at your present state. He will bring you to greater height to show forth His glory through you.

What about work?
It is about obedience to the general and unique calling of our lives. Our work of obedience is not for gaining salvation for we have already been saved, but for extending God's Kingdom and God's glory from and through us from within. Our obedience brings for the blessings that God has appropriated for us and show forth His glory to others that others may be drawn toward him. (updated on 19 Aug 2009)

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