KP#13 Realities of Life - Good & Bad Co-Exist

The parable of the Wheat & Tares Mat 13:24-30,36-43 tells us the co-existence of Good and Bad in this world. They will only be separated and settled at the Judgment Day at end-time. Here are some important points to learn from the parable.

  1. You can't differentiate the Good and the Bad initially. They all look alike.
  2. You can only tell them, after some time, from the fruit they produce.
  3. The final differentiation will only occur at the Judgment day where the Bad will be taken out and be burned whereas the Good will shine like sun in His Kingdom on earth.
Here are some applications for us:
  1. Don't complain about the world that is not-fair, about the evils that are done. e.g. the present Financial and Economic Crisis caused by greeds, criminal acts, negligence, blind faith etc.
  2. We do our part in righting the wrongs as led by God.
  3. So be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Mat 10:16
  4. Don't be disappointed or angry about the apparent and temporal successes of the wicked. Read Ps 37 and Habakkuk. Very often, we witnessed the downfall of the wicked in his lifetime rather than at Judgment time.
  5. Don't take revenge into your own hand. Let the Justice System and God handle them. We are called to love our enemy. Mat 5:44, Rom 12:20

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