Bible for Business Seminar#5 Vision & Values

#5 Painting the Vision & Choosing the Values
Vision is a picture of what we want to become. Vision gives life to mission. It describe what accomplishing the mission will look like at a future point of time. Vision is the dream, a destination. Values are what you stand for and give character to your corporation. Values determine the framework and boundaries for your strategies to realizing your vision. Mission, Vision and Values are related. A person or corporate is created with a mission with character of values trying to accomplish a vision. It is what you are (mission-identity), what you will become(vision) and how(values) to do go about achieving it.
Importance of Vision
You will not be greater than what your vision is. Prov 29:18, Pro 23:7.
Keys in Defining a Vision
Have faith in God. Prayed to discover what God want you to become. Do we fall into the following errors?
  • Looking at our present limitations or past failures to define your vision. If so, it would be very restrictive.
  • Be satisfied with your present and do not want to change. If so, you are growing old.
Recommended book : Joel Osteen's "Becoming a Better You"
Recommended Message: AR Bernard's"Audacity"
A Good Vision Statement.
1. Use the Terms and Things of your Audience.
We cited Mt 4:19, John 4:13, John 6:35, John 3:16, 7:38, 8:32, 11:25, Mat 11:28 as examples of Jesus describing the same vision in various ways to convey it correctly to the people.
2. Must offer "Things of Values" or "Benefits" to your customers, staff, and partners and owners.
3. Vision needs to be written down and communicated often. Hab 2:2
4. Vision must covers different aspects for the corporation - customers, processes, learning & growth (staff, skill, training, culture), social & environmental perspectives.
5. Chip Heath's 6 basic traits to make a message stick are:
1. Simple
2. Unexpected: audacious,challenging,
3. Concrete: measurable and have targets. You can tell whether you reach it.
4. Credible: challenging and yet believable. If it is incredulous, it will be ridiculed.
5. Emotion: motivating, giving pride,
6. Story: a good story or a good dream.
6. Must be communicated often and shared by all.
Values are what you believe as most importance, what you stand for, for which you will not compromise. They provides the decision making framework when there are no clear guidelines. They determine the Corporate character that is the sum total of the individuals working in the Corporate.
Bible tells us to see Corporation as
  1. Living Being (Rom 12, 1 Cor 12, Eph 4) - we are all members of the same body.
    1. Differences are respected, appreciated and treasured.
    2. Differences must be aligned and synchronized towards achieving the shared mission and vision.
  2. Family - relationship of love, care, protection, up-bringing.
Typical Values
Commitment – Passion, Perseverance, Overcoming, Creativity.
Empathy – Understanding Others, Culturally Savvy and extending help.
Respect & Trust
Integrity – Honesty & Competence
TRIP – Trust, Risk, Innovation, Progress
Learning, Innovation, Agility
Fun & Play
We cited two books "How" by Dov Seidman, and "The Future of Management" by Gary Hamel, that show how the business world are moving towards seeking significance on top on profits and share values, and adopting Biblical Principles in their business practices. Having employees satisfaction leads to profit too. 100 Best Companies to Work for in America between 1998 and 2005 returned 14% per year, compared to 6% a year for the overall market.
Seminar Response & Feedback
Yesterday was Chinese New Year 7th day -the People's Birthday. So we see many people having dinner at the restaurants around our church and causing quite a big jam. It took me extra half hour to reach church. There were 12 people who attended the seminar. The overall satisfaction rating was 86%. The highest score go to 'Knowledge of Speaker', 'Recommend to Friend'... with lowest score to time of talk, but still at 78%.
Like Best
  • The definition of vision/mission and factors to consider to derive a mission statement. The biblical references. It's a diff and unique perspective that is biblical & practical at the same time.
  • About setting of our vision beyond our limits. It's really encouraging to hear that.
  • Vision; It gives practical advice on how to set good vision statements. e.g characteristics of a good vision statement is very informative & helpful for those setting their vision statements
  • Applications
Like Least
  • Value topic. Not quite understand how to apply on my work.
  • more of such sessions
  • overall presentation is grounded and very practical yet biblical.
  • Review the Previous Seminar
  • Coming to this seminar is like listening to 10 authors summarizing their books
Timing of Seminar - 2 times a month for the future.
Majority of those present supported the idea of having the seminar fortnightly instead of the present monthly.
The next seminar#6 "Appreciation of Situations" will be conducted on 27 Feb, Wed, 8pm at Church.

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