Bible for Business" Seminar#3

We had a wonderful discussion in "Bible for Business Seminar#3" yesterday night. We use "Breadtalk" as illustration of a mission statement showing how mission statement influence the way do our business. Most of the materials covered were given in BJ#2 Have A Mission Statement. We encouraged all to review their mission statement using the following guidelines:
  1. Inspiring ?
  2. Long Term Value and Worth - treasures of the heart.
  3. Singleness in Purpose
  4. Action Verbs: GO, Become, Be .....
  5. The Scope, the How and the What of resources.
  6. Targeted & Concise & Easily Understood & communicated.
Sometimes, we may need look at what is not to help us clarify our mission statement.

As our resources are limited. We stress on removing waste. Waste are those those activities that do not contribute to the accomplishment of your mission. We should channel those resources into activities that do support the mission. There is the need to prioritize our activities and use of resources. A participant shared that we should follow the Holy Spirit one step at a time.

The next seminar is on 8 Jan 2008 8pm at Church. It will be "Discovering your Calling and setting your personal Mission statement". See you there.

The participants, about 17, gave the seminar an overall rating of 90%. Some feedbacks were:

What they Liked Best:
  1. Discovering your caling for God in having/forming a mission and praying for a vision-looking forward to understand that for our busines. All explaned is valuable and helpful
  2. The fact that all bases are covered starting with the foundations of understanding who God made you to be and how to articulate it through having a personal and business mission statement. Looking forward to covering "vision" segement. Thanks again.
  3. BZ mission + vision must tough life, relationship + network(value)
  4. "Mission statement - why it is so important & crucial
  5. Asking the right questions."
  6. Perspective of mission
  7. How to define your mission and vision. Showing example how corporation work
  8. The Q&A session. Inspired me to think deeper into the topic of discussion.
  1. more image or illustrations linked to the topics
  2. advertise this seminar to greater group of audience
  3. try not to rush the topic too fast
On Speaker
  1. very knowledgeable, full of passion
  2. bring Holy Spirit in to the subject. E.g. How Holy Spirit can help in the achievement of your mission

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