Grace Based View of the Parable of Prodigal Son

Yesterday night Disciple Bible Study by Ps John was session 2 on Breakthrough. 

The 4 key steps are 
  • 1. Hear - Revelation 
  • 2. Say - Confession 
  • 3. Come - Action and 
  • 4 Take - Appropriation or in other format hear-say-do-receive. 
The key words can be found in Rev 22:17. 

My version has 6: 
  1. Know 
  2. Believe 
  3. Say 
  4. Walk 
  5. Share 
  6. Grow (more on this in future posting).
One of the most interesting part of the message is a Grace-based view of the Parable of the Prodigal Son Luke 15:11-32. 

The prodigal son exemplified people who abuse Grace as license to sin. He know his inheritance - He asked for it - He received it -He wasted it and He came to his senses. He realized that 'Grace' is not for sin but for living - power for good works (From the Dead work of Eph 4:8 to Good Work of Eph 4:10). 

Grace is power to righteous living (see earlier post on the correct definition of grace). One key phase was "My son was dead and is alive again". Abusing grace is dead. Using grace for good living is truly alive. This younger son knew his Father's love and kindness very well so that he dared to go back to him and expecting forgiveness of some sort. His Father's love far far exeeded what he thought.

Ps John did not elaborate further. However, taking the same view point and applying on the elder son, we can see that the elder Son is ignorance of his rights and inheritances - the Grace of God. He was still living by performance to gain his Father's love and acceptance. He was ignorance of his Father's love. With such mentality, he could not love, forgive or share in the joy of others. His life was a life of dead work .... doing a lot to gain an acceptance that he already had and being angry at others' good fortune and life. He was so close ( in his Father presence all the time), and yet missed it so badly. 

Let's wake up to the Love and Grace of our heavenly Father and live in His love and grace.

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