Salvation of Tripartite Man - The Details

Recognizing that Man is made up of spirit, soul and body helps explain many difficulties we encountered in reading the Bible. (see The Tripartite Man).
Here is a detailed view of the Salvation of the 3 parts of man.
Past *
By Faith
Jn 3:36
By Works – Carrying My Cross Mt16:27
By Christ at Rapture
1 Co 15:52, 1Th 4:17
Eternal Life
Eternal Kingdom
Eternal Body
By Christ
(done, once for all)
By Spirit - We yielding
Gal 5:16,25
Sacrifice, Glorify God, Trained
Rom 12:1;1Co6:13,20; 1Co9:27
*when we received Jesus as Savior and Lord.
The growth process of a person can be summarized as:
1. Before Salvation: self effort for self benefit
Religion is all about self. Getting it right, doing the right thing, and life will work and you will be saved.
But true Christianity is about relationship with Jesus-God. We will discuss this in greater depth in future.
2. Saved : Self effort for God's benefits
For God's benefits is what we like to think we are working for. But our fleshy effort may sometimes go against God. Our motivations are sometimes for self glorification and gratification while outwardly we are doing God things. When we succeeds (according to our standards) we felt proud and when we fail, we felt condemned. We swing between emotional high and depression. We get burnt out quite easily.
3. Grace Based: God's effort for Self benefits.
We go after God for blessings & good health. While God delights in the prosperity of his people, this is still self-centered.
4. Maturity : God's effort for God's benefits
God's glory is revealed through us being beneficial to others.
Blessing and good health comes automatically when follow after the Spirit and desires God's will to be done on earth.
note: What I learned in yesterday Ps John's message combined with my past learning is presented here. If there be anything wrong, it is due to my misunderstanding rather than the speaker's message..

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