The Secret of Receiving the Spirit - Brokenness

Christians are well aware of the need to live a Spirit-filled life. We are taught to be filled with the Spirit. We prayed very hard to be filled and yet we did not see the full power of the Spirit in our life. Why? The answer is very simple - we did not know how to receive it.
The secret of receiving the Spirit is to come to end of oneself. If we do not comes to end of oneself, our carnal flesh is still in charge and our prayers are means to get things done our ways. Only when we fully give-up on ourselves do we then desire help from the Spirit. We are then ready to receive the grace (empowerment of the presence of God) to live the Spirit filled life. We must come to realize "I must be full of the Holy Spirit if I am to be a whole-hearted Christian."
The greatest turning point of Peter life is in "And Peter went out and wept bitterly.” - Luk_22:62.
He came to realize his inadequacy. A broken heart that give up all his self-confidence and self-will. When we came to realize that we can't, don't be disappointed and don't stop there. It is then we that can through Christ who strengthen me.
We must be prepared properly in order to receive. The way of preparation is coming to end of oneself and desiring a higher force, the Spirit. The path to being filled fully with the Holy Spirit is the path of brokenness. Do not be despair but rejoice when that happen in ourselves. For it is the beginning of life depending on the Holy Spirit to abundant life.

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